Rejoicing in the Real

So, I’m a perpetual ‘starter’ of blog pages, but for some (every) reason, I don’t continue to write on that site.

Way back when, I started one about our ridiculous dog, Delores.
Then, more recently one about my recent foray into motherhood…
When we first moved to San Antonio, I started San Antonio 365 – a challenge where I get out and do new things in our new city…. I quit reporting on that, though I did explore plenty!
Most recently, I began a blog about my faith, my journey into the Catholic Church.

And I’m sure I’m forgetting some from the past.

Now, it may seem that because of my lack of consistent writing and upkeep that I shouldn’t write. Just call it a day, right?

Well I would. But gosh, I love to write. I always have. I’ve kept a diary or journal (and now blogs) since childhood. I love to tell stories, and I love to curl up and read a good book. It’s an outlet. My interests and foci vary, but the reading and writing have always. been. there.

I scribble thoughts in my planner or on my phone, or like right now, I bust out the iPad and suffer through a smaller keyboard to just get these thoughts “on paper”.

So I want to continue! And for some reason, it only JUST came to me that I can merge everything from the above blog list into one blog that I actually post in, that I share, and that I update more regularly (duh!).

And the main points?

  • Faith (my current blogs focus on this)
  • Family (dog and human motherhood + marriage)
  • Food/Fun (getting out, exploring, recipes, travel)

So welcome! Rejoicing in the Real is about finding gratitude and joy in the everyday. In the real life that I live. And sure, I read blogs that share the very same information… But honestly, I believe we’re all unique, and we all have a story to share. Mine might seem similar, but it’s not. Because there is no other me and no other you. God has blessed me with my life, my story, my love for writing… just like He has blessed you in similar (and different!) ways!

I hope my stories resonates with you… I hope you can see what we have in common. And I hope you’ll let me know if you enjoy a post or have something you’d like me to check out, too.

Thanks for following along! Be blessed.

~ Steph

P.S. I was choosing between this new blog title/brand and “Joy-Filled Doughnuts” and honestly, more people voted for doughnuts… the obsession is real! Haha! But I decided that for the long-term, since this will become my one and only writing and sharing space, to stick with the more general title… but don’t be surprised to see a post one day about just that – my love for doughnuts and how they do indeed bring joy to my life. đŸ™‚