30… days later

It’s been almost thirty days since I turned thirty. I had a lovely celebration weekend – as fun as it can be when 34 weeks pregnant, anyway. And in the spirit of ending a decade and beginning anew, I wanted to make a resolution or set a goal of some sort. 

My goal: for the next year, I will not buy any new clothes (except undergarments and maybe shoes since I’m not a fan of used imprints pressed on my soles). If something must be purchased new (said items above or replacing worn out/damaged goods), I will look for made in the USA options or at least ethically and sustainably sourced items from elsewhere. So watch out consignment shops 😉

I was inspired to do this for various reasons.
1. I’m a fan of cleaning out my closets… I wear the same thing so many times, it really doesn’t make sense to hold onto the skirt from college that may fit if I can just get back down to 160lbs (or less!…. Yeah right). I also don’t see the point in owning so many clothes when folks can’t afford a pair of pants for the kids’ first day of school. So, essentially, if it ain’t being worn, it’s gone (donated). 

2. I want to break the cycle of spending and desire. Target is a tough place to go…. It’s so easy to just grab that cardigan and justify the purchase because you don’t have one in that color or whatnot. If I really want (and need) a cardigan for this winter, I will spend more time searching out consignment/resell stores and or visiting several ethical/sustainable shops’ websites before making a purchase, thus giving me time to really analyze the idea (and the company) before spending the $$. 

3. I was inspired by the Pope’s encyclical on our role in preserving the planet for our future bloodlines. This place we live is truly amazing, full of abundance and beauty. It’s also being destroyed at an alarming rate, and I don’t want my mindless purchases or desires or whims to impact this at all! This challenge will force me to wear what I have, be grateful for the options, be creative with my wardrobe and get over any ideas of impressing folks and instead focusing on protecting the Creation of God. And by not wantonly buying things, I’m not polluting the earth with creation, manufacturing and shipping of goods that I usually don’t need. 

4. Lastly, I want to help people. With a tight budget, I can’t always donate money. But I can give nice clothes and things to people who are in need.

Sadly, in these thirty-ish days between my birthday/idea formulation and this post, I can honestly say I don’t know if I’ve stuck to my resolution. I don’t shop often…. But I don’t even know if I’ve swiped my card somewhere, just out of mindless habit or distraction. So now I have to go back and look at my credit card statements and bank statement to see if I have already unconsciously blown it. The only thing I can think of recently was a nursing shirt, which for practical and sanitary reasons I didn’t think twice about buying new… And I didn’t research other ethical options because I had gift cards to use… So I guess technically I didn’t spend MY money on it. Whatevs; I think the Pope would let that slide… Nourishing baby after all! 
{I checked my statements, I’m good 🙂 }

If anyone wants to try this challenge with me (I’m not asking my husband to, and I’m trying my best to go used with the kids, but sometimes I can’t justify new pajamas for $50 just because they’re made in USA… $15 at target will have to suffice for them at this stage of growth!), please join me. I’ll post resources and links as I come across them… Probably won’t be a lot, as I do plan to just live with what I’ve got, but when I do “shop”, I’ll try to share any secrets to success with this resolution. 

A whole year. We’ll see what happens! 
** PS ** just finished reading “7” by Jen Hatmaker… Right up my alley! Check it out for an awesome way to cut out excess in a variety of ways! 


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