UV: Volume 2

For whatever reason, as the countdown to UV’s arrival draws to a close (only 3 more days!!!!), words and lyrics and thoughts have just been TOSSING around my mind. Well, never mind. That clearly is the reason. So let me start over. Because we’re only three days away from meeting our orphan, UV, I’ve been thinking of a never-ending barrage of things that cannot be accurately explained in a blog post. I’ll try to share the brief, abbreviated version.

  1. Several days back I shared this photo on Instagram:
    (originally posted by @kloveradio – a Christian radio station)

    IMG_5596You have to love a Christmas quote by Mother Teresa!

  2. We were listening to Christmas carols, and I just became STUCK on the idea of letting my heart prepare him room – room for Jesus and for UV. So I wrote this down.


  3. Then, driving home yesterday from Canyon Lake, the lyrics to a Lady Gaga song started bouncing through my mind – so I pulled up the song and, in a different context from her meaning I’m sure, saw the reflection of the conversation Jacob and I had shared the previous day.

    We discussed how I felt like I was on the edge of a HUGE life-changing moment. My heart was beating faster. My palms are starting to sweat. My tears are starting to well. We can’t always prepare for life-changing moments. Someone might die suddenly. You may lose your job and WHAM overnight your life is different. But for us, right now – I felt like we were on the edge…together.

    “I’m on the edge of glory and I’m hangin’ on a moment of truth
    Out on the edge of glory and I’m hangin’ on a moment with you”(source: Read more: Lady GaGa – Edge Of Glory Lyrics | MetroLyrics)

    On the edge. Looking out over the unknown. But knowing it’s for the glory of God. And thank God we’re on the edge together. Babe, I’m “out on the edge with you.”

  4. Lastly, this morning, I finished a wonderful book by Peggy Noonan. It’s called Patriotic Grace and it truly resonated with me. It was written during the Obama/McCain campaign of 2008, but her words cross the years and are relevant now during this ugly battle to prepare for the 2016 vote. At the end, she defines us Americans (as viewed by many around the world) as being generous and kind.

    Is this how these orphans will view us? Can we show them how Americans (as a generalized whole!) act, a show of patriotic grace? Will these children leave here knowing how proud we are of our country and what kind of legacy we have and how awesome it would be to have them join us as Americans one day?

    Or will they be exposed to too much muck…?

    We’ll try to share and exemplify the former and not the latter.

    I want UV to know that we love our country and that he’d be welcome here – no matter what.

    He will also know that his trip wasn’t possible without the love and support and generosity of YOU – our family and friends who donated, prayed, shared, loved, offered, gave (and who still ARE doing these things. WOW! You all never cease to amaze me. I wake up and thank God every day for you. Know that.).


God, let us love UV through You, and it shall be a Merry Christmas.
God, let our hearts prepare Him/him room. (and heaven and nature SING!)
God, lead us to the edge… and over it and through it and across it and above it and down it. We’re here for YOU and your glory.
God, lead us to be generous and kind to people in need around the world. Show us, through You, how to give our visitor a picture of (patriotic) love and grace.

WHEW! Thanks for letting me get all of that out.

Have a great week; I’ll share more after we pick up UV on THURSDAY!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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