UV: Volume 5

Well, departure day is just a few days away… time really did go by slowly and quickly simultaneously. Time is tricky like that. 

There’s not much to say this go-round…

Dental work: Good! Just had one cavity and a couple baby teeth to be pulled. Compared to other kids, this was NOTHING. A huge thanks to Dr. Mike Copeland for helping us out. If you’re in the San Antonio area, please consider giving him your business. 

Eye appointment: Excellent! He has 20/20 vision. Thank you to Texas State Optical (Bandera/1604) for the generous free eye exam. I’d recommend them! 🙂

Last night we had a little family get-together to say “goodbye” to Viktor, but no goodbyes were said. It’s too soon and too final-sounding. I won’t say goodbye until he walks through security, and even then I hope it’s a “see you later” and not a “goodbye.” We don’t know what the future holds, but we’re glad that he’ll be a part of ours – in some way. 

This week, I plan to print off photos for a scrapbook and start helping him to pack. He has more than I thought, so we’ll have to figure out how to get all (or MOST) of it back. Here’s hoping he gets to keep it all! 


Here’s a note that another parent wrote on our P143 parents group on facebook. She was a Latvia host mom, and those kiddos fly back today. It sums up our journey and our feelings nicely.

“To enter these children’s lives is to stand in the trajectory of pain and hurt, and to offer to carry their burdens with them for a while–something they may have never had before. Many of us are saying goodbye today. The first time we sent our daughter back, we were so exhausted that we didn’t even have energy to feel anything. Two years in, we are still exhausted but my heart is so very, very heavy. But my girl never has to carry her pain alone again. And your host kids’ loads are a little lighter for having someone walk with them. Someone knows their names and has extended love and hope. And that makes a difference. You have made a difference.” – M.M.

Very reassuring to hear from a veteran host parent.

If any of you are adoption-minded or interested in hosting like we did, please let me know. I’d love to get you in touch with the right people in order to have a child join you this summer.

God bless xo