In Memoriam

Every Memorial Day, I end up with a heavier heart than I expect. Because, yes, it is nice to have a day off… and another day with my husband and children together as a family. And yes, it is always fun to get together to swim or eat hamburgers and hot dogs with friends or family.

But it’s also hard to think of those who are missing that special someone this weekend and every day. Those men and women – sons, husbands, fathers, daughters, wives, sisters, mothers, friends, neighbors – who left to do something they believed in and never returned.

Those brave soldiers, who chose to serve our country, and who fought and DIED for us… they deserve to have us step away from our social media screens, turn off the grill, and be still for a moment. They deserve recognition and remembrance.

This weekend, don’t forget the true meaning of Memorial Day – remembering those who gave it all for us. ALL. They never came home to their loved ones because they believed in America.

In defending her and us.

In sacrificing whatever they could, even their lives, to keep us safe.

So before you start boozing at the lake… before you start to type that hateful comment to a Trump/Clinton/Sanders supporter… before you buy some American flag t-shirt on sale at Old Navy…before you go out to eat with friends…

Remember ALL of the above are freedoms we have because of those who went before us.


All gave some. Some gave all.


Thank you. Happy Memorial Day.


“No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13