Long Game

*note: another hand-written journal entry from a couple of months ago. forgive the back-dating as I catch up*

I was in the shower the other night when a thought struck me – as a society, as women, as moms, I think everyone is playing the short game. We, the people, focus in on the here and now.

I need a newer car – now.
We should move into a bigger home – by the end of the year.
I think I’ll stop for a pedicure – why not?
I’ll get this kid some check-out-line candy – just this once.
I need some alone time – who doesn’t?

Ok. So most – if not all – of that is legit! And I’ve spoken those very words myself. In no way to I want to reduce anyone’s desire for the new or the nice stuff in life… to want to upgrade or downgrade their goods… to use free will to spend your hard-earned money… do it! And when you do, go forward without guilt. *reminds self*

But back to my original golf analogy – the short game.

Do all of those things or treats really make us happy? Have you examined your motives behind your desires? Sitting in silence helps – and can hurt. No, silence does not include a screen of any kind. The only thing in one’s hands should be air or another one of your own hands – in prayer!

Go ahead… I’ll wait… 😉

Let’s analyze playing the short game versus the long game. Perhaps it will help you prioritize your thoughts like it did me.

Using one area I know well but still can stink at a lot of days – motherhood.

Short game in golf: putting – little taps toward an end goal

Short game in motherhood:

  • doing what anyone else thinks you should do
  • pinterest-perfect parties
  • no/yes tv and video games
  • wear a bikini/don’t wear a bikini
  • let them play – be free!
  • supervise them 100% of the time and give them 100% of your attention always
  • be a “bad mom” aka too cool for school
  • be a “good mom” whatever that stereotype is
  • yes/no to yoga pants

Long game in golf: correct the swing; aim; practice drives down the fairway

Long game in motherhood (according to ME):

  • help them build character
  • teach them to love Jesus
  • love others without an agenda
  • forgive others (+ your kids) willingly
  • serve those on the fringes of society
  • teach them life skills – hard work, perseverance, how to use/spend/save $$
  • lead by example
  • love God, praise Him
  • show gratitude


Alas, motherhood/parenting is not a competition (like golf). When I evaluate some of my own choices, sadly many times the true motivation that shines through is more often “I want to make sure other people think I’m ok” and less often “I want my words and actions to glorify God.” Ouch.

What I want to do well for my children is the long game. That might be pretty countercultural or unpopular but I feel that will sustain the test of time. It will long surpass any celebrity breastfeeding drama or mommy war about car seat direction. It will hopefully surpass me! If I try to raise men of God and pray for them as they grow and make their own choices and mistakes, then my hope is that the long game focus pays off. It’s all I can do!