love thy neighbor?

I suppose it’s ironic that after I post about being content and grateful I get tried. Tested.

This morning I noticed that someone (a neighbor) has presumably cashed a check of ours twice. We hired him to do some power washing after he told us about his ill mother and his lack of job. It’s only $90. Plus some extra cash we gave him…

But the $90 was extracted two times. I figured it was a mistake. Who hasn’t come across the occasional check and went “uh oh… did I already do a mobile deposit?” No big deal. Bank will take care of it.

But then I noticed that on one of the checks, a number had been manipulated, changing the check number in the bottom row of coding. So yeah, that’s not an innocent mistake.

We were scammed. Cheated.

I do NOT feel content about this.

Which brings up other feelings regarding this home and these neighbors, like:

  • hail damage (“if only our home didn’t get pounded…”)
  • getting “cheated” by the insurance company (thanks for nothing…)
  • getting taken advantage of with these fake companies coming in. So can I have a written estimate? No, that’s not really how we do it… Okayyyyy
  • a neighbor who wrongfully (and oddly enough, very stereotypically!) accused me of something and who has never even made eye contact with me or shook my hand. You don’t even know me! How in the world…?!
  • now a neighbor who cheats us with check fraud.

(among other things… a lot has happened in the 1.5 years we’ve lived here!)

My comment to my husband this morning was something like “will we ever live in harmony here?? why do I feel like the neighbors are all out to get us?!”

He didn’t have much of a reply, but he was sympathetic to my victimhood.

It sucks.

It sucks to feel wronged. It sucks to feel like people around you not only don’t care about you, but go out of their way to “harm” you.

I keep telling myself what I wrote just the other day – be grateful! It could be so much worse! We must forgive them. Move on. ETC ETC ETC.

But you know what? Sometimes it still sucks.

So I guess that’s my point today. Things can suck and Jesus will still love you. You might not “feel” it as much because Satan is trying to get you to stay on the negative (yep)… you might not accept it as much because Satan wants you to stay angry and hateful and sad and cheated (yep!). But He’s still there (YES).

I hate minding my business in earthly matters – I really do. I would much rather read great Catholic books all day, pray, light candles, listen to music, etc. But this earthly stuff does take a priority, too. Like getting our money back. Like paying bills. Like hiring contractors to make repairs. Like telling the HOA to step off since we’re hiring contractors to make repairs. Like dishes. Like laundry. Like getting my son to pre-school on time. Like making Christmas lists so we don’t spend too much too soon/too late with another baby coming in December. Like actually preparing for our third child. ETC ETC ETC. Ugh.

Please, Lord, take away these silly feelings and burdens. I turn them over to you. Tell the devil to get the heck away from me – I’m not in the mood. Help me to forgive my neighbors and others who have “hurt” us as new home owners. My being upset isn’t changing anything. I know this. Please, God, show me your grace and compassion so that I may show it to others… eventually. 😉 Just kidding. Your Will be Done. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Now I need some heartier breakfast. Second breakfast, as I like to call it.

Hope you all have a better day than I did – and I hope my day ends better than it started! I know it will. Blessings xo