7 Things Saturday – 12/3

I’ve seen other bloggers do 5 things on Friday or some other variation of this “update” bulletin, but 7 is a holy/Biblical number, and I have a lot on my mind… so let’s see what happens in the next 10 minutes or so.

1// I’m due in one week (and being induced sooner than that). Reality has not set in even though I have a bassinet in my room, baby girl clothes in the wash, a room painted (poor boys never got theirs done), and violent kicks and pains in my belly. NO REALITY. LIVING IN DENIAL. Come Wednesday at 5am, I guess life will suddenly catch up to me. Who would have thought I’d have 3 kids before our 5th wedding anniversary – NOT THIS GIRL!

2// I’ve been in a weird baby/hormone-related funk again lately. I must really stop giving myself the guilt trips on top of it all (I’m RUINING their LIVES. I’m the WORST mom EVER, you know)… I am very aware it’s all about attitude and I’m one of the most “positive” or “energetic” people that people know (as I’ve also been told, thus the quotes), but I just feel like a cranky old hag most days. Again, not living in reality. Must assume it’s going to be better after baby comes.

3// I love our Christmas tree. I’m so grateful to have it up before baby. I love how my children adore it/attempt to tear it down. I love how magical it makes our otherwise dirty and messy home. Thank you, Lord, for reminding us to slow down and enjoy the imminent joy of your birth.

4// Speaking of His birth, I am also LOVING the Blessed is She Advent Devotional, “By the Manger in the Morning.” It’s beautiful. It’s personal. It’s lovingly written. It helps with items #2 and #3.

5// I am trying to be better about social media. I am quite aware of how much of a time suck it is, and also, as seen on the Mama Needs Coffee blog, I will have to answer to God about my time on earth and that includes tech time, right? What good excuse do we really have, unless it’s part of our mission? (stretching to make family photos part of mission, me, yes…) Alas, yesterday seemed like the longest day ever. I think it had to do with lack of coffee, not doing my devotional (#4) first thing and also continuing to log into facebook. EVEN though I was trying NOT to. I was being lazy. And then I got snappy. And impatient. And the day crawled as a result. So, alas, although I do this ALL. THE. TIME. and still end up on the silly site, I really need to be accountable, even if just to a handful of people who actually read this. (Keep me accountable, blog friends!)

I solemnly swear…. (eeek)

To only check and/or post to facebook once a week! On Fridays! No more than three times that day, like at breakfast, lunch, dinner… Instagram will remain available, only because I scroll that once or twice and then I’m done. Less fake news, less negative commentary, quick little likes, and wham bam I’m happy to see updates, but also done lickety-split.

I have blogs saved that I like. I can read them without linking through FB. I also hope to (when I post) only share something inspirational, Biblical, faithful. We need more of that out there.

Keep me accountable!! It’ll be hard with A NEW BABY. It’ll be hard with the HOLIDAYS. But less facebook also means less comparison, less envy, less Elf on the Shelf (not today, Satan).

Logging off now…. Friday does not equal all weekend 😦

PS this usually means keeping my phone out of sight. So, if I am not as quick to respond, please forgive me. It’s for my sanity, my soul, my mental security.

6// Bass Pro Shop for free children’s entertainment – for the WIN! Thanks, Oma and Opa, for taking us out and about. We had a blast!

7// Focusing on gratitude for these next few (literally and figuratively) painful days… Thank you, God, for a new day (at 5:20 a.m.). Thank you, God, for the rain; it is perfect napping weather. Thank you, God, for healthy kids with healthy lungs (as they scream at me about breakfast) 😉 etc. I’ll let you know how it goes after a few sleepless nights with three kids 🙂

That’s all folks. I’m being summoned.

God Bless!