almost one month/blog change

It’s been almost one month since Saida Grace has become our numero cinco family member, and it’s been a whirlwind.

It has been the longest month I can remember. It has also been the shortest month ever, and time has FLOWN by… Such a weird and normal dichotomy. Double dichotomy I guess!

Thus, I decided, in her honor and in my desire to not always write about the heavier stuff, I am updating my blog name to reflect the subjects of my musings – my familia.

We are the cinco Rodrigos. Welcome (back) into our little world.

Cast of characters:

Me. Mom. Mostly in PJs.

Jacob. Dad. Husband. CFO.

James. Almost 4. Troublemaker. Lover of siblings extraordinaire. Big boy. Cracks me up.

Joseph. 16 months. Also a troublemaker. Easy going. Until things aren’t going his way. Super sweet.

Saida. One month tomorrow. Angel. Noisy. Takes a lot of unwarranted touching/tapping/poking.

(and Delores, who does not count in the official count – dog. annoying. sheds a lot. jumps. but sweet. and needs a bath desperately.)

Now I must attend to a screaming child. Ciao.

#cincorodrigos out.