V Day

My husband and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Perhaps it’s because we never really have. Perhaps it’s because it almost feels “forced” to do something on a certain day (I’m a rebel, what can I say?). Perhaps it’s because, like many American holidays, the day has become known more as a “Hallmark” holiday instead of something with a deeper, more meaningful connection to couples or families. [I mean, commercials for mail-order chocolate-covered strawberries and 200lb teddy bears sort of ruin the idea of it for me.]

Last month, my kids didn’t get anything from us. My husband didn’t get anything from me. I didn’t get anything from him (*except H-E-B macaroni and cheese with bacon, ready to eat package. GREAT gift for a mommy with a two-month-old nursing baby who loves ALL THINGS pasta and cheese). We didn’t mass text friends. We didn’t send out holiday cards.

But you know what I realized this V Day?

That’s stupid.

No matter where I am in life, no matter how intimate or romantic our marriage might seem that day, and no matter how much my munchkins make me want to punch a hole in our marble countertop, I should celebrate LOVE.

I’m grateful that God loves me (though i feel like that’s impossible 97% of the time… I am working on it! 😉 ).

I’m grateful for the steadfast, eternal and strong love of my husband, of which I also feel less than deserving most days.

I am grateful that my kids look at me and smile and love me, mostly no matter what (until they’re told no, am I right, moms of tots??).


I am grateful for the love of my family, who continues to pour it on even when I am not being very nice or lovable.

I am grateful for the love of my friends, both near and far, who reach out and connect with me, make me laugh, and relate to my silly-kid-drama days.

There’s still a lot to work on in the sense of learning to better give and better receive love. But I took a good first step this V Day. I texted two women. Two widows. And while my words weren’t magical, I just wanted to say hi. Say I was thinking of them on this holiday of love. That we love them. And we wish them well.

Their responses made my day, and frankly, they might have just changed my life. They both said (each in her own way) about their now gone-to-heaven spouses: each day was special, but we always celebrated Valentine’s Day.


No excuses from me. Not anymore. Regardless of the forced-feeling or the silliness that’s advertised or the required school items, I can always do something small and special for the amazing people in my life.

Each day is special. Let’s always celebrate Valentine’s Day.


“Not all of us can do great things.
But we can do small things
with great love.”
~St. Teresa of Calcutta