A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I celebrated five years of marriage. We had an awesome night! It included some live music, some drinks, awesome food, and a couple of fun gifts. But the most exciting thing that we did that night was share some pretty open and deep conversations.

Now don’t get me wrong, we’re married, so we “discuss” (and live!) big things quite often… deep moments involving our kids, our home, our church, or our family members… we don’t keep anything big from each other! However, on our anniversary, I suggested that we each share FIVE things we’re grateful for about our marriage, in honor of FIVE years.

Jacob said five things that I both expected AND didn’t see coming. He made me cry some seriously happy tears. What a man. Then I shared my five things. I think he felt just as touched as I had felt. What a blessing to share these things together.

Thus without getting into details or rehashing any emotional, happy tears, I HIGHLY suggest finding time to have this type of brief but loving conversation with your spouse. If you’re anything like we are, it’s super unusual, and that is what made it was so special!

I hope we do this more than once every five years! 😉

What are five things you’re grateful for in your spouse? Marriage? Family? Your life?

Tell them. Then ask him or her. The answers might surprise you!

Love and blessings xo






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  1. I love that y’all did this!
    Every night before we go to bed we list 3 things we love about each other or our son. It can be something small and silly or something big and meaningful. It helps us remember every moment we have with each other is a blessing.

    Happy Anniversary!

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