Things my kids play with

We are safely two-thirds into our summer, and I must admit, I was purposefully remaining as un-scheduled as possible. We (royal we… I…) needed to be able to rest and play and run out and meet people and work a little and clean house, and we (I) have a hard time keeping that flexibility when we’re overbooked.

James had swim lessons in May, Joseph in July, and James will attend one 3-day camp (three hours a day) in August. Then, they both go to Kids Day Out before September.

{Side note: what does one do with only one kid again? Saida and I will be ladies about town! (lol!)}

Just for fun, in the spirit of my schedule-free-ish summer, I decided (back around Memorial Day) to keep a note on my phone of what my kids (without loads of commitments) actually played with. We have lots of toys! We have yard space! We have loads of activities! So… curious what garnered the most attention from my boys??

See below:

“Things my kids play with:

  • Toilet paper rolls/paper towel rolls (and other things from the recycling bin)
  • A handful of cars/trains/trucks
  • Blankets, Cushions, Pillows
  • Broken hand mixer (STEM?)
  • Broken remote control truck
  • Ribbons/yarn
  • Play-doh
  • Scotch tape
  • Balls
  • Sand box
  • Sprinkler/hose
  • The occasional paper/crayon drawing
  • A parachute
  • Car seat
  • Stroller
  • Yoga strap/changing pad strap
  • An outdoor lawn toy, riding tractor, car
  • Assorted bags, purses, rolling luggage
  • Baby wipes
  • Each other
  • ATT yard marker flags
  • Leftover party streamers
  • Bubbles
  • My baby teething necklaces
  • Paper bags
  • Laundry baskets
  • Measuring tape

1-2 times so far: a lego kit, a puzzle, a piano/musical instrument, blocks”


This summer has been awesome.

But their choices of “toys” do make me wonder why we even have any… ? Alas, no matter what they’ve enjoyed, that’s the key. They’ve enjoyed it. The time together. The time with family. The one big cross-country trip. The random crap they pull out of the recycle bin. The giggles and the tears (fighting over some scrap of paper). All of it has been so fun to watch.

But perhaps…. family/friends who read this, keep in mind that they really don’t NEED any more toys (I mean, look at the list!)… so when I say “no gifts” on my future birthday invites… now you know why! Haha!

My creative creatures are calling. Time to go unroll them out of a carpet. Jk. Sort of.



2 thoughts on “Things my kids play with

  1. Isn’t the imagination of a child wonderful? My son is obsessed with the movie Moana, so everything is the heart of Te’Fiti when he plays. A leaf, a gold coin, a little card.

    He’s also super into watering the yard. He loves pulling the handle and seeing where he can shoot it into the yard. Maybe he will be a fireman like his grandpa?


    • I love it. Moana is a huge hit here, too. James always tries to be Maui (a la a hawk, a shark (head?), and lizard…). Too much fun!!!


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