Several months ago (I am ashamed to say it’s been that long), I started the “let’s sort through my childhood-college photos and papers” project.

{In fact, I should be upstairs doing that instead of writing about it… but alas, I have a few quiet minutes… and the coffee is downstairs!}

It was an innocent enough idea…
Organization is key!
Purge the unnecessary items!
Make room in the closet/storage areas for more kid memories instead!
…All lofty and worthy goals.

Then August 26-30 came. Hurricane Harvey hit my friends and family in Houston and Port Aransas, among other areas in Texas and Louisiana. We all know the stories of devastation and death. We are also blessed to know stories of heroism and generosity.

But the hurricane (and it’s continually ongoing season! GO AWAY!) got me thinking about my project.

If my house flooded tomorrow, would I miss these things?

NOPE. No, I wouldn’t.

So why would I spend the minutes, hours, days looking at old notebooks and stuff?

Admittedly, I am pre-disposed to this mentality: I have mentioned before my experiences with grandparents dying (estate), living out of a dozen places through college and grad school, my parents selling our home and downsizing to an RV, and hosting an orphan, I am very aware of STUFF. Our need for it, our dependence on it, our inability to part from it, our stress from it’s overwhelming nature.

I think our souls belong in a better place in relation to stuff.

And Harvey reminded me of this.

I am going to start a recycling pile now.

Wish me luck!