Here and Now

“Here and Now: Living in the Spirit” by Henri J. M. Nouwen, 1994 || p. 59-60
– – –
“God does not ask us to define our little niche in humanity over and against other people. God’s question is: “Are you reading the signs of your time as signs asking you to repent and be converted?” What really counts is our willingness to let the immense sufferings of our brothers and sisters free us from all arrogance and from all judgments and condemnations and give us a heart as gentle and humble as the heart of Jesus.
We spend countless hours making up our minds about others. An unceasing exchange of opinions about people close by or far away keeps us distracted and allows us to ignore the truth that we ourselves are the first ones who need a change of heart and probably the only ones whose hearts we can indeed change.
We always say again: “What about him? What about her?” What Jesus says to us, as he said to Peter, who wanted to know what would happen to John: “What does it matter to you. You are to follow me” (John 21:21-22).”
– – –
I read this last night. Timeless and timely advice.
Especially as we wake up to more tragedies.
Can we change our hearts?
Are we willing to repent and be converted?
– – –
Prayers xo