Be yourself.

As the Advent season rounds third and we get closer to Christmas, I am writing to remind myself and you to be yourself.

What do you like to do for the holidays? Are you doing those things?

What kind of Christmas do you want for your kids? Are you doing that for them?

Are you taking time to breathe and remember who you are in the midst of the traffic, shopping, wrapping, traveling and the like?

Are you taking time to be grateful for family even when they “make” you act like a 16 year-old drama queen/king (default for many of us, I think!)?

Are you trying to fit the right “mold” for the season by doing all the “right” things? Is that what you really want?

Are you giving?

Are you receiving?

Are you naughty or nice? Spicy or sweet? Sad or happy?
(spoiler alert, there isn’t a right or wrong answer – just YOU!)

Being aware of our personalities, tendencies, stressors and calming mechanisms will help us all to cruise through the holidays without the added stress of performance, perfectionism or guilt.

Love others. Serve others. Rest! Refresh! Love yourself, too.

“Be who GOD meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire!” (emphasis mine!)
— St. Catherine of Siena


{{And for goodness sake, put down the phone/tablet/laptop when you’re with your family. A straight-up disposable camera would be better for pictures than the distraction-riddled, addiction-promising tech in your hands.}}