New Year, same God

I love a new year as much as the next gal… a chance to proverbially wipe clean the slate and start fresh. A chance to forget what day it is and what year it is and laugh at how fast the past year went. A chance to evaluate your outlook and your goals, scratching things off the list and adding new items.

For me, this year, I believe in what I just said, but I am looking at it a little differently. I am hoping to start fresh every day. Every minute, if needed. I am looking to forget what day it is in that my calendar is relatively empty altogether. I am evaluating myself and my outlook every opportunity I get – and I am scratching the list altogether.


Because I am seeing hints from our God Almighty that He wants me to do that.

Live simply. Love more. Laugh daily. These are things you can “resolve” to do (and fail, like I typically do), or you can just pray for these blessings and sit back and slow down and be still and bask in His responses to you.

For example, I deleted the internet off of my phone weeks ago. I already avoid the news stories like the plague (was led to this last year). I am signing off and removing social media apps. I am reading my Bible more often… I am committed to keeping my phone on silent so that my ears don’t perk up at every notification. For that matter, I removed most of my notifications, too.

I don’t tell you this to encourage you to be as anti-connected as me. I mean, I am still on my blog site, so mine isn’t a 100% cut-off world! I tell you this because I realize that my disconnection from the world brings me closer to Jesus. And that is always my number one mission!

Every day, every week, every month – and every new year.

Our same God is always waiting. Always loving. Always excited to see us reach out to him. He mourns with us. He hates the wars and the suffering as much as we do. He is visible, and He is powerful.

All we have to do is have faith in that – and the rest falls into place.

So, as we ring in 2018, I hope:

To be myself. To continue to grow in my faith and love of the Lord.
To not beat myself up as much when I don’t do the first two things.
To step away from technology as much as possible and to look my kids in the eyes. To be more grateful. To live more simply. To slow down.
And again, to not be too hard on myself when those previous items don’t happen.

(praise God!)

Simple, small steps to spiritual connection have already paid dividends in enhancing my earthly relationships for the better. So, I plan to continue down this path, and pray for His guidance as I do.

Solitude and prayer and focus are not your typical “goals,” I realize that.
But I must assume I am being led down this path for a reason…

What path are you being driven toward?

xo Many blessings for a prosperous and healthy new year!
(P.S. My friend and I are both reading Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh – PLEASE pick up a copy. It is tremendously relevant, and she wrote it in 1955. I love this book. You will, too!)