Happy Birthday

Today would have been my grandmother's 96th birthday. She passed away in March, and I miss her a lot. Oddly, if you had asked me fifteen-twenty years ago to whom was I closest among my grandparents, I probably would have answered "Papa" (my mom's dad). I have fond memories of he and I sitting on … Continue reading Happy Birthday


On legacies

Since a few days before July 5, I have been on the highway to Crazytown. We confirmed our first foster child placement and prepared for his arrival. I will call him B, and I will get into approximately zero details. Now, he's been here over a month, and we're just taking it day by day. … Continue reading On legacies

Respite + Match

This week was an eventful one. We committed to doing respite care for two of four children who thankfully live with loving grandparents, and like many others parenting young kids, they need a break! We opted to take the two oldest girls, and we're looking forward to hosting them for the weekend in just a … Continue reading Respite + Match