Be yourself.

As the Advent season rounds third and we get closer to Christmas, I am writing to remind myself and you to be yourself. What do you like to do for the holidays? Are you doing those things? What kind of Christmas do you want for your kids? Are you doing that for them? Are you … Continue reading Be yourself.



Yesterday wasn't one of my finest. We went to the store in the morning, something I try to do as little as possible with three small kids. Because it was a PERFECT time to shop, aka almost empty, James (almost 5) decided that the open aisles meant FREEDOM. Off he ran.¬†Repeatedly. I stayed calm. Until … Continue reading love/fear


Several months ago (I am ashamed to say it's been that long), I started the "let's sort through my childhood-college photos and papers" project. {In fact, I should be upstairs doing that instead of writing about it... but alas, I have a few quiet minutes... and the coffee is downstairs!} It was an innocent enough … Continue reading Belonging(s)

Dark. Light.

Dark. Light. Day. Night. Watching the total solar eclipse on television brought tears to my eyes. I felt like God was trying to get our attention. Considering people flew here from around the world for a glimpse, perhaps he was trying to get our collective global attention. He is all powerful. He is all that … Continue reading Dark. Light.