We are official!

As of yesterday, our family is officially licensed to begin foster care in the state of Texas. YEEHAW! So many feelings... but really the overwhelming one is peace. And I am not a naturally peaceful person! And yet... when I think about our family being turned upside-down, I am so excited and so at peace. … Continue reading We are official!


Why we stayed quiet

It's February 16, and we're almost half-way done. We have some big steps left on the road to fostering/adoption (I'll abbreviate F/A), but we're really not far from the end of the road. In fact, we're so close to having a possible "placement" that our agency said, yeah, you can take him/her with you on … Continue reading Why we stayed quiet


Yesterday wasn't one of my finest. We went to the store in the morning, something I try to do as little as possible with three small kids. Because it was a PERFECT time to shop, aka almost empty, James (almost 5) decided that the open aisles meant FREEDOM. Off he ran.┬áRepeatedly. I stayed calm. Until … Continue reading love/fear