Happy Birthday

Today would have been my grandmother's 96th birthday. She passed away in March, and I miss her a lot. Oddly, if you had asked me fifteen-twenty years ago to whom was I closest among my grandparents, I probably would have answered "Papa" (my mom's dad). I have fond memories of he and I sitting on … Continue reading Happy Birthday


On legacies

Since a few days before July 5, I have been on the highway to Crazytown. We confirmed our first foster child placement and prepared for his arrival. I will call him B, and I will get into approximately zero details. Now, he's been here over a month, and we're just taking it day by day. … Continue reading On legacies


Several months ago (I am ashamed to say it's been that long), I started the "let's sort through my childhood-college photos and papers" project. {In fact, I should be upstairs doing that instead of writing about it... but alas, I have a few quiet minutes... and the coffee is downstairs!} It was an innocent enough … Continue reading Belonging(s)


It's funny how when things happen to people close to you, memories that otherwise seem buried can reappear with clear detail and strong emotion. This morning, my sister-in-law had her first baby. And I wept. Because it took me back to when I gave birth to James, my precious son. I remember the toll of … Continue reading Remembering