On legacies

Since a few days before July 5, I have been on the highway to Crazytown. We confirmed our first foster child placement and prepared for his arrival. I will call him B, and I will get into approximately zero details. Now, he's been here over a month, and we're just taking it day by day. … Continue reading On legacies


four things this Friday

Hello! Random thoughts spewing forth. You've been warned. One. I wanted to share my favorite books from 2017. I read quite a few and LOVED a handful the most. If you're looking for a good read, check out: Fiction top five: "Small Great Things" - super relevant and moving. I won't say much else except … Continue reading four things this Friday


Yesterday wasn't one of my finest. We went to the store in the morning, something I try to do as little as possible with three small kids. Because it was a PERFECT time to shop, aka almost empty, James (almost 5) decided that the open aisles meant FREEDOM. Off he ran.¬†Repeatedly. I stayed calm. Until … Continue reading love/fear

Long Game

*note: another hand-written journal entry from a couple of months ago. forgive the back-dating as I catch up* I was in the shower the other night when a thought struck me - as a society, as women, as moms, I think everyone is playing the short game. We, the people, focus in on the here … Continue reading Long Game

Dear Me

Note: I wrote this note to myself a while back (with pen and paper - imagine!), and I never published it. Back-dated to¬†5/9/16   Dear Stephanie, Yes, I used your first name in full. This is serious. Pay attention. You are a good mom. Stop telling yourself otherwise. Smile. Be grateful. Do stuff. Have some … Continue reading Dear Me