I have a wild imagination.

So much of motherhood is about your little people's dreams. But what about other peoples' little people? Kids in the Texas foster care system are more times than not left to bounce from home to home until someone adopts them - or they age out of the system. Bexar county, where we live, has rather … Continue reading I have a wild imagination.


almost one month/blog change

It's been almost one month since Saida Grace has become our numero cinco family member, and it's been a whirlwind. It has been the longest month I can remember. It has also been the shortest month ever, and time has FLOWN by... Such a weird and normal dichotomy. Double dichotomy I guess! Thus, I decided, … Continue reading almost one month/blog change

Just One

Ok, so I'm no expert - I hope if ANYTHING I have established that fact. And if anything, I've probably left you wondering if I am emotionally capable of handling most things (based on my HIGH and LOW posts I seem to share!)... but seriously? Why did I think having one kid was so hard? … Continue reading Just One