Dear Me

Note: I wrote this note to myself a while back (with pen and paper - imagine!), and I never published it. Back-dated to¬†5/9/16   Dear Stephanie, Yes, I used your first name in full. This is serious. Pay attention. You are a good mom. Stop telling yourself otherwise. Smile. Be grateful. Do stuff. Have some … Continue reading Dear Me


My only outfit.

As soon as I got out, I heard him. I rushed from the shower to grab my robe. My 12-week-old baby was crying... nay, screaming, downstairs. My mother was doing her best to help, but he was. not. having. it. Towel wrapped around my head, robe on, I ran down to comfort him. He seemed … Continue reading My only outfit.

A mess

I have drafted probably 5 different (long) blog posts since Memorial Day. I never posted a single one, obviously, as this is my first post in some time. I'm not sure why, either. Maybe the posts were more for me to vent and clear my head. Maybe they felt too personal to share. Maybe they … Continue reading A mess