Happy Birthday

Today would have been my grandmother's 96th birthday. She passed away in March, and I miss her a lot. Oddly, if you had asked me fifteen-twenty years ago to whom was I closest among my grandparents, I probably would have answered "Papa" (my mom's dad). I have fond memories of he and I sitting on … Continue reading Happy Birthday


New Year, same God

I love a new year as much as the next gal... a chance to proverbially wipe clean the slate and start fresh. A chance to forget what day it is and what year it is and laugh at how fast the past year went. A chance to evaluate your outlook and your goals, scratching things … Continue reading New Year, same God

On Contentment

**Author's Note: I suppose I need to make a decision on whether or not to blog, journal, notate, create, brainstorm, list, and the like on paper, in journals, in planners, or on a blog. Besides, if I am not going to actually publish these “thoughts,” (which I won’t publish ALL thoughts - too boring…) then … Continue reading On Contentment